Thursday, May 23, 2024

Do These 7 Things And Sapa Will Be Your Ex


We’ve talked about the mindless habits that make you broke. Now, we will be doing a reverse
psychology trick. We know how hard you work for what you have. We know how hard you
toil day and night for your brand. We know that your neck and fingers are stiff from all that
typing and wireframing and coding. We know. We know.
With you in our mind, we have curated these 7 tips to guide you on this Anti-Sapa journey.

Here’s 1

Might not seem like much at first glance but journaling does more good
than otherwise. It is a needed skill in staying at the top of whatever you set your mind to do.
So, as you have decided you want to monitor your spending and be better, get yourself a little
notepad you could use as a reference point. And then, you move to Tip 2

Here’s 2


Economics students know what this is. This is the orderly
arrangement of your wants and goals. Grab a pen and rule a straight line in the middle of a
clean page. On the first side of the line, write out all your wants — the things you need that
have to do with spending money. And from the most urgent thing you need, list 10 wants. On
the other side of the line, list 10 goals in the manner of their urgency— short-term and
long-term alike. Let’s move to tip 3

Here’s 3

This is the next stage. The Cancelling Out stage. In this stage you cancel out
5 things on your wants lists you know in your mind you can do without. Any 5. Do the same
for the goals list. Cancel out 5 goals that you know you do not have the resources to achieve
for now. Be honest with yourself. We know this will be a bit difficult to admit, but, you have
to face it — some dreams and goals cannot be achieved at the moment. And that’s okay too.
You’ve got time.

Here’s 4

On a fresh page, list the 5 remaining wants. Do the same for your 5 goals on
another fresh page. Keep them for Tip 6.

Here’s 5
50/30/20 RULE:

Look at your monthly income or allowance. Look at other streams of
income if you do have them. Take a look at the profit of your brand. Just look up and down
and dust your pockets on a fresh page as you write down all your money gateways. Note
down these streams and use the 50/30/20 rule below to arrange the goals and wants under the
category they fall in.

Here’s 6

Use the list of your wants and goals to take charge of your spending.
50% of your income should go to your basic needs. 30% should be saved just so you never
get stranded. Being monetarily stranded, as a young adult, is one of the worst feelings in this
world. Therefore try as much as you can to hold yourself back and save a little. The
remaining 20% goes for your wants. 20% is for you to do whatever it is you want. You
deserve that much.

Here’s 7


7 is Trybe City’s way of telling you to go forth into the world and conquer. We go
always dey for you for your friendly admonishing and hugs. We are the one platform that
takes your everyday matter at heart and tries our best to inform, motivate and entertain.
There you have it, fam. Try these tips. Let us know if they work for you. See you in the next
post. Love and Light!


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