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Top 10 Most Used Freelance Platforms (2023)


In today’s digital era, the concept of traditional employment has evolved significantly, ushering in the age of freelancing. Freelancers, often self-employed individuals, offer their specialized services to clients across the globe through various online platforms. These freelance platforms have become the go-to destinations for both skilled professionals seeking diverse opportunities and businesses in search of top-notch talent


In this article, we delve into the dynamic world of freelancing, exploring the top 10 most widely used freelance platforms. From connecting creative minds in design and writing to technical wizards in programming and beyond, these platforms have revolutionized the way work is done and how talents are discovered and harnessed on a global scale. Let’s go!



Upwork is a platform for remote work that links clients with knowledgeable independent contractors from all over the world. You can find tasks on Upwork that suit your demands, whether you’re an accounting expert, developer, web designer, writer, customer service agent, or any other kind of specialist.


Clients or small companies can post gigs, and then qualified freelancers will apply. Alternatively, they can use the Project Catalog to employ personnel with specific task specializations. Freelancers can establish a profile highlighting their abilities, personalities, and experiences and even upload an introduction video. Then, they wait for clients to pick them up.


The website has trustworthy clients seeking to pay independent contractors market prices. There is payment protection for clients and independent contractors on hourly and fixed-price assignments. Numerous payment options, including PayPal and direct transfer, are available to freelancers. To fill open roles for clients, Upwork searches the globe for the best individuals. A thorough and selective hiring process might result from screening candidates from a global freelancing talent pool. Upwork charges a hefty service fee of 20% of your initial $500 invoice. The charge is scaled, though, such that the more money you make using the site, the less (percentage-wise) you’ll pay in fees. For freelancers, Upwork offers a free basic plan, while the Freelancer Plus plan costs $14.99 per month and offers benefits like a unique URL and 80 Connects per month.



Freelancers and business owners looking for assistance with a range of digital tasks, such as website design, content development, and voice-overs, are connected through a platform called Fiverr. A straightforward method of communication between business owners and freelancers is provided by this website. It should be emphasized that business owners, freelancers, and their services are all referred to on the website as buyers, sellers, and gigs, respectively. Instead of placing bids, sellers can register for free, publish their gigs, and set their own prices. While making purchases, customers can easily explore numerous categories.


When a buyer buys a gig, the technology immediately debits their account and holds the money. The system will then transmit to the freelancer 80% of the required cash after deducting a commission. Depending on your seller level, it may take up to 14 days to withdraw money from your account. Among other options, payment withdrawal methods include wire transfers, PayPal, and debit cards. Fiverr offers a wide range of potential deals, with over 3.42 million active buyers. Instead of hourly fees, there are only project-based costs that you can select. Sellers are guaranteed secure payments thanks to an SSL certificate that protects billing and personal data. There is also a customer service department that is available around the clock and eager to help.



Thanks to Toptal, many highly qualified freelancers can find jobs. For professionals in disciplines like software development, project management, and business consulting, this website may be extremely helpful. But keep in mind that Toptal has a rigorous five-step hiring process for locating the best experts in any field. The strenuous process starts with an English test and a project appraisal. Only the top 3% of freelancers are allowed on the platform. Those that succeed then submit applications for positions at prestigious firms like Airbnb. A freelancer must wait a few months before retaking the test if they fail it the first time. 


Only elite professionals who pass the platform’s screening process are admitted. The platform provides free tools for time monitoring, billing, and accepting payments. Among Toptal’s shortcomings are the following: Freelancers must pass a demanding and selective screening process in order to use Toptal. A small number of independent contractors are also picked. Toptal is excellent for businesses looking to complete largescale tasks, such as developing and maintaining significant software products. Finding freelancers for little jobs like improving landing pages could be challenging on the website. Although corporations could easily pay more than $200 per hour to engage a freelancer through the site, Toptal doesn’t charge freelancers a fee.


7) FREELANCER is a different website where experts and companies from all over the world work as independent contractors. Customers may easily find any type of specialist due to the vast diversity of knowledge. In order to register as a freelancer, you must fill out a simple registration form. Give a detailed account of your background, education, and employment. Along with projects, there are other competitions, such as those for artistic or design work. Freelancers benefit from these competitions since they can win money and get good profile reviews.


Every freelancer will receive full payment after completing their project. However, the business deducts 10% of your total money from contests and assigned tasks. This freelance website offers wire transfer and PayPal withdrawal options, like the majority of others. 



Since its launch in 2008, 99designs has expanded from a tiny online forum to a large community and creative platform that makes it simple for clients and designers to collaborate on freelance projects to produce stunning designs that adhere to strict specifications. People throughout the world depend on the tried-and-true 99designs creative process to receive amazing design work online, from clients who require bespoke design to designers who desire quality projects.


To help their consumers with their creative blockages, partners are now also utilizing 99designsAPI technology, community, and marketplace management experience. Businesses like Squarespace have taken advantage of the infrastructure that already exists on 99designs to establish a creative ecosystem around their core product, connecting clients with the right expertise at the precise moment that they are needed. No matter where they are on the globe, the 99designs team thinks that great design can inspire people to create and advance. They have offices in Oakland and Berlin, in addition to their headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.



By granting recruiters unrestricted access to freelancers‘ profiles and portfolios, PeoplePerHour connects organizations with independent contractors. PeoplePerHour features a pool of independent contractors with expertise in anything from programming and design to business and legal services, but it doesn’t focus on any single field.


Although creating an account and a profile on the website is free for freelancers, new accounts must be approved by the site’s administrators. Once created, a profile is put into the database so that recruiters may search for credentials, employment history, and portfolios. Freelancers can search for work by project at the same time. You can use the website’s capabilities to make automated invoices, for example. According to your location, there are job listings. On-site payments are safely processed.


You are only permitted to place a certain number of bids each month. It can take some time to sign up because moderators must first review new accounts. The acceptance of a new account is not guaranteed. On PeoplePerHour, freelancers are charged a service fee for each client. If the client pays $350 or less for the service, the service price is equal to 20% of the freelancer’s commission. After $350, the fee’s proportion decreases the more a service costs.



Global businesses and independent contractors can collaborate on Guru. Professionals with a variety of expertise, including programmers, graphic designers, and product managers, can be hired by businesses. Create a profile for yourself as a freelancer by signing up first. The system will suggest jobs based on your skill set and work history.


Freelancers can bid on long- or short-term work and can provide a fixed price for each assignment. PayPal and wire transfers are only two of the methods you can use to withdraw your money. More importantly, the website makes use of SafePay security measures to ensure that contractors are paid on schedule. 



LinkedIn is a trustworthy option for getting a job or gig, it is a professional social networking site for both corporate and freelance gigs. You can build a profile on the website to show potential employers your experience, education, job history, previous projects, and skills. To provide businesses with a window into who you are and what interests you, you may also write and share posts. There are numerous full-time and freelance possibilities on LinkedIn. LinkedIn doesn’t have a specific job board for freelancers like the majority of the networks we’ve discussed, but it does offer a variety of opportunities for independent professionals.


Among the advantages of using LinkedIn are: You can network with experts from many different industries using LinkedIn. You can learn about the most recent news and trends in your business by visiting the website. The following are some drawbacks to using LinkedIn: It can be challenging to stand out on LinkedIn because so many people use it. Continuous updates are necessary to keep a LinkedIn page updated and professional. Basic LinkedIn features are free for freelancers to utilize. For $39.99 a month, users may upgrade to a Premium account, which adds learning modules, lets them see which employers have viewed their profiles, and multiplies the connections they can establish.



A subscription service called Flexjobs links job seekers with flexible employment. This covers contract labor, seasonal part- and full-time employment, jobs with flexible hours, and temporary employment. Professionals with expertise in content marketing, copywriting, administration, and transcription can find work at Flexjobs. Flexjobs ensures that each job on the site is legitimate and originates from a trustworthy source. There are no advertisements either.


Using Flexjobs has several advantages, including: On the website, all job postings are warranted to be true, The website has a friendly, dependable support staff, and the website provides tools like career guidance and talent testing to help you advance your career.

Using Flexjobs has a number of drawbacks, including: For independent contractors, the site is more pricey than many alternative choices and Some of the mentioned job openings are not restricted to the employment board. Some of them can even be available on websites that are free.


You must create a paid account in order to use Flexjobs because it is a subscription-based website. Accounts start at $9.95 a week, but if you sign up for a full year, they can be as low as $1.35 per week. When you sign up, you’ll get a 30-day guarantee. During that time, you are eligible for a refund for any reason.



Businesses seeking services such as website, logo, and catalog design can connect with independent artists and designers through Designhill. The website is beneficial not only for freelancers looking to run their businesses but also for providing a sizable list of design opportunities. Designhill offers tools that enable independent contractors to set up online shops and cater to clients worldwide. Additionally, it provides management solutions that can assist freelancers in creating digital marketing collateral, making business cards, and measuring profitability. For independent contractors, Designhill is a free-to-use platform.


Using Designhill comes with several advantages, including:

  • The ability to create a free online store on Designhill
  • Reliable live chat support staff on the website.
  • Freelancers are not charged any service fees.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using Designhill:

  • Only designers are allowed on the platform.
  • Clients have a seven-day window to request modifications to logo designs, which may result in additional work for choosy clients.


In conclusion, the rise of freelance platforms has undoubtedly transformed the landscape of modern employment, offering a plethora of opportunities for talented individuals and businesses alike. These top 10 most-used freelance platforms have become the virtual meeting grounds where creativity, expertise, and innovation intersect, enabling seamless collaboration on a global scale. Whether you’re a freelancer seeking diverse projects or a company in need of specialized skills, these platforms serve as a bridge to connect talents with opportunities. We wish you good luck!


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