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 Top 10 OAU Electives With No Field Trip (2024)


Special Elective is a two-unit course that doesn’t add to your CGPA but stresses the hell out of your life more than a 5 unit course.

In Obafemi Awolowo University, electives are courses that are different from your core courses because they don’t add to your CGPA even though each elective carries two(2) units. Electives are done in other to help students amass knowledge in other fields of study. Every OAU student must take a minimum of six (6) electives before graduating. Averagely more than 5% of OAU students always end up having an extra year because of special electives, I guess this is the reason why they are called “special” electives: they can ruin your career.

One peculiar fact about special electives in OAU is that you can not pick any elective from your faculty, you have to pick from Faculties that are not related to your field of study. This might seem difficult but it’s not so bad. Let’s not forget the fact that there are limited spaces for electives so you have to be fast with it to at least get the ‘simple’ ones.

The most amazing fact about special electives is that majority of the lecturers taking this course are proud and drive pleasure in stressing your life ;

The presence of a field trip is what sets an elective apart in terms of stress levels. While some individuals view field trips as a simple means of passing an elective without any added stress, others do not share this perspective. Field trips can be particularly challenging for those who dislike going to campus. Additionally, it’s worth noting that passing an elective with a field trip is impossible without actually attending the trip. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 electives that don’t require a field tris in OAU .

1. SEH 001&002

College Of Health Science , oau


This elective is from the College of Health Sciences. You might think this elective will be difficult but it’s not. Their questions are mostly about health issues and hygienic things to do.

2. SES 001& 002:


This is an elective from the Faculty of Science popularly called White house. Just the Faculty reputation alone is enough reason for you to know that the elective might be a bit difficult but the good news is that it has no field trip


3. SEL 001& 002

OAU faculty of law


SEL is an elective from the Faculty of Law. The elective is mostly about legal matters and it’s advisable to read for this elective. It’s also kind of necessary for you to attend the classes because they give a lot of assignments.


4. SED 001& 002:


This elective has to do with diseases related to the teeth, mouth, and gums. It’s an elective from the Faculty of Dentistry.


5. SEE 001& 002

This elective is from the Faculty of Education and is quite easy to pass. This elective requires buying a book that you are to read and also use for assignments. It’s compulsory to buy the book because it’s one of the things needed to pass.


6. SEP 001& 002

OAU Pharmacy

SEP is an elective from the Faculty of Pharmacy. It’s easy to pass once you read for it.

7. SER 002:

This is an elective from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It’s from the Department of English and can be said to be somehow easy and also hard. The main thing is to know what you are doing. Don’t pick this elective if you know you are not ready to read it because you will have to redo it if you fail.

8. SEO 001

This is from the Faculty of Social Sciences. The elective is mostly about human behavior. It’s not difficult but there are always issues with the results though they are resolved once you make a complaint about it.


9. SET 001& 002

This elective is from the Faculty of Technology. This elective is not so bad as long as you attend the classes and also read.

10. SEO 004:


This elective is also from the Faculty of Social Sciences. The elective is said to be somehow complicated. It involves group projects and a lot of assignments.


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