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Discover the Best Nigerian Companies for Your IT/Internship in Nigeria (2023)


The industrial training program serves as a crucial initiative designed to provide structured and supervised practical experience within a specified timeframe. The research might be carried out in either public institutions or the private sector. The primary aim of industrial training is to provide participants with an opportunity to gain practical experience in a professional setting. This exposure enables both graduates and undergraduates to better understand the intricacies of the business and match their expectations with the demands and expectations of the field. This immersive initiative additionally provides students with practical job skills.

Moreover, the incorporation of students into various companies greatly enhances their chances of attaining employment after completing their academic studies. Frequently, the businesses in which individuals receive training extend employment opportunities, leveraging the practical abilities acquired throughout their industrial training. In addition to its inherent benefits, industrial training offers valuable experiential learning opportunities that complement the theoretical information acquired in the academic setting, so fostering a comprehensive education that integrates theoretical understanding with real-world application.

Outlined below are notable enterprises and establishments in Nigeria that offer platforms for industrial training:

  1. Research Institutes
  2. Universities
  3. Government Departments
  4. Health Service (Private and Public)
  5. Forensic Science Service
  6. Environment Agency
  7. Pharmaceutical Companies
  8. Food Production Companies
  9. Agricultural Companies
  10. Water Production Companies
  11. Biotechnology Firms
  12. Financial Institutions
  13. Media Houses
  14. Construction Firms
  15. Mechanical Workshops
  16. Electrical Workshops/Companies
  17. Computer Training Centers
  18. Oil Companies
  19. Printing Press
  20. Bakeries
  21. Art and Design Centers
  22. Estate Agencies
  23. Farms
  24. Zoos
  25. Surveying Firms
  26. Steel Companies


NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation)


Distinguishes itself by hosting the NNPC Undergraduate Internship Program, an initiative catering to students from diverse tertiary disciplines in Nigeria. This immersive endeavor entails comprehensive training, guidance, and mentorship within the chosen area of specialization. Spanning a duration of four to six months, the internship bestows invaluable skills upon students, nurturing their preparedness for the workforce. Additionally, this program ensures exposure to significant entities like Warri Refining & Petroleum Chemical Company Limited, Port Harcourt Refining Company Limited, and Kaduna Refining & Petrochemical Company. A noteworthy facet of the NNPC Internship Program is the financial stipends provided to participating students, which further enhances the appeal of this immersive learning experience.

Shell Nigeria


In alignment with its commitment to fostering practical learning, Shell Nigeria conducts the Shell Undergraduate Internship program, offering undergraduates the prospect of gaining tangible insights and skills in their respective fields. This initiative facilitates the translation of theoretical concepts into real-world applications, enabling students to engage directly with seasoned professionals. The invaluable networking opportunities and industry exposure garnered through this program contribute significantly to students’ professional growth. Additionally, participants in the Shell Undergraduate Internship program are entitled to monthly stipends, further augmenting the advantages of this immersive experience.

IITA (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture)


As a recognized research institute and training hub, IITA cultivates robust partnerships with Nigerian universities. It operates as a platform for nurturing the skills of young scientists and students, reinforcing the agricultural sector’s prowess in Africa. The institute’s commitment to capacity building is evident through its practice of hosting and training numerous students annually. Participants are exposed to a diverse array of practical skills within units such as laboratory techniques, agronomy, bioscience, virology, breeding science, agribusiness, information technology and communication, administration, and food processing. This comprehensive exposure is a testament to IITA’s dedication to fostering holistic and practical learning experiences.

KPMG Nigeria


Recognizing the importance of bridging theory with practice, KPMG extends the opportunity for talented undergraduates across disciplines to partake in its Internship Program. This initiative, operational from June to September, offers a unique vantage point into KPMG’s operational landscape. Eligible participants with outstanding interim academic records are afforded on-the-job training and are integrated into clients’ projects, enabling them to develop technical acumen and immerse themselves in a vibrant work culture. The KPMG Internship Program spans a minimum of 12 weeks, and participants are remunerated for their contributions, further reinforcing the practical value of this endeavor.

Seplat Energy Nigeria



Positioned as a leading entity in the Nigerian energy sector, Seplat Energy extends a warm invitation to highly motivated undergraduate students seeking valuable work experience. Participants in the Seplat Energy Industrial Training program engage in a comprehensive exploration of the energy industry, refining their skills and networking with established professionals. This immersive experience primes students for future success while simultaneously bolstering their skill sets.

Nestlé Nigeria 


Nestlé Nigeria offers a multitude of promising career pathways, including internships, apprenticeships, and graduate positions, catering to young talents and imminent graduates worldwide. Each Nestlé opportunity is a prestigious gateway into the professional realm, earmarked for the most exceptional candidates yearning to embark on a firsthand journey with the company. Nestlé, as a global powerhouse, presents a plethora of avenues for growth, encompassing the potential for an international career trajectory that widens horizons and enriches insights. It is noteworthy that numerous Nestlé managers and senior leaders have charted their ascendancy from the foundation of the company’s graduate programs.

Nigerian Breweries Plc


Recognized as Nigeria’s largest brewery, the Nigerian Breweries Plc opens its doors to full-time students of universities and polytechnics. Through the Industrial Training program, students have the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. By immersing themselves in the operations of the Nigerian Breweries, participants not only enhance their general business skills but also develop a robust network within the industry.

Nigerian Bottling Company


As part of the Coca-Cola SIWES Internship program, the Nigerian Bottling Company extends an avenue for IT students of tertiary institutions to gain hands-on industry experience. This immersive program provides students with an opportunity to refine their skills, build professional connections, and receive stipends during the course of their industrial training.

PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) Nigeria


Acknowledging the significance of practical exposure, PwC Nigeria orchestrates internship programs designed to equip IT students with industry-specific skills. These programs offer participants the chance to gain insights into PwC’s service offerings and work closely with professionals, thereby cultivating a solid foundation for their future careers. The duration of these internships spans six to twelve months, during which participants receive stipends.

ExxonMobil Nigeria


Renowned as a world-leading engineering company, ExxonMobil operates in Nigeria through Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited and Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited. ExxonMobil extends an invitation to eligible Nigerian tertiary students to partake in the Industrial Training program, thereby gaining invaluable work experience. The program accommodates students from disciplines including Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and related fields. Additionally, undergraduates in humanities, social sciences, management, and more can engage in the Business Undergraduate Internship Program, further exemplifying ExxonMobil’s commitment to capacity building.

Microsoft Nigeria


Catering to undergraduates in engineering, computer sciences, and related fields, Microsoft Nigeria orchestrates the Microsoft Undergraduate Internship Program. This immersive initiative offers participants the opportunity to receive on-the-job training, bolster employability, and cultivate industry experience. Beyond practical insights into Microsoft’s operational environment, participants benefit from stipends, healthcare services, networking opportunities, and discounts on Microsoft products and services.


Industrial training remains a pivotal conduit through which students can merge academic learning with practical application, thereby cultivating a well-rounded educational journey. The highlighted companies and establishments in Nigeria play a crucial role in empowering students to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ultimately enhancing their readiness for the professional realm.

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